ASBX: Sustainable, Fast and Afforadable
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Promoting a Cleaner & More Ethical fashion industry.

Join the green Revolution

Commited to Green 

From Start To Finish 


Sustainable product development:

+ All our production development process is done with sustainability in Mind. Reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable and ethical materials.

Certified Fabrics Sourcing:

+ ASBX provides clients fully certified sustainable products with low MOQ and High-Quality Standards.

Sustainable Printing & Dying

+ As a result of tech innovations we can now present fully sustainable options for both garment printing and dying.


Committed to Sustainable & Ethical Manufacturing

Made in Portugal - From Start to Finish


At ASBX we invest continuously in obtaining the most advance sustainable materials and strive every day to increase the traceability and ethical part of our products in order to become the most Sustainable Portugal Clothing manufacturer.
That’s why keep every day establishing newer and stronger partnerships with our clients and suppliers, looking to achieve the most sustainable and advanced production techniques in the market, being sustainability our top priority while still achieving the lowest MOQS.

We as a Portugal Clothing Manufacturer have a paramount responsibility and believe that with effort and ambition, we can make the fashion industry greener and more ethical to all players, in this revolutionary digital age.

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