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Baby Blue T-shirt in a luxury heavy weight cotton with a slightly oversized fit. Luxury Softened, pre-shrunk and fabric dyed for the best high quality finish. item has a ultra quality wash tag.

Oversized Baby Blue T-Shirt
Ribbed Collar
100% Cotton Organic.
Made in Portugal

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Bulk price ( Considered at >5 pcs per size ) – 16,50
Sample Price ( Considered at <5 pcs per size ) - 24.99 To provide clients the best possible experience, we made the bulk price always the same regardless of the quantity. From over 5 pcs per size you can take full advantage of the bulk rate. Below this quantity is considered samples. Samples can be ordered here or at the ASBX Sample Store. For orders over 100 pcs per style, please contact us to arrange a production. MOQ. For this item the moq is 30 pcs total ( including sizes ). Delivery Timing: Export Date after Order: 4/5 weeks after order. Costumer Support: You can text us at +351 937299800 for full support and checking order status. Line is available from 9 am to 11 pm Portugal time.

Orders ship by the following Carriers:

Within the E.U. UPS or DHL LAND
Outside the E.U. UPS or DHL Air.

In case you wish to arrange your own shipping, you can email us to arrange a manual order.

Why is the delivery timing a few weeks ?

Due to the huge number of orders and costumer demand our stocks can’t always have bulk stock available for all items, so to make the process more lean, every blank order starts to be made almost from scratch. We already have fabric in stock and start sewing when we receive your order.This is also more sustainable as is only made what is ordered, reducing deadstock and inventory waste.

Will I pay duties and taxes on my order ?

In Portugal the only tax to consider is VAT, which is not applicable for clients outside the EU. if you are inside you also don’t apply If you have a VIES validate VAT number.

Regarding import duties, on countries outside the EU there might be custom charges for bulk, so we advise you look into professional advice in your country of import.

Can I add custom accessories ?

yes, you can order them at our B2B store and when making bulk order request your labels to be added. is very important the label files submitted contain the most precise info.

Can you print and embroidery on my blanks ?

on blanks unfortunately no, for full service production our moq starts at 100 pcs per style per colour. you can contact us to learn more if you fit into this quantities.


On certain specific colours, at the moment we don’t have them for samples, but we always have the same style in another colour. You can also order the colour cards to see all the options available for colours.

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