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Frequently Asked Questions.

On Custom Item Our MOQ is 100 pcs Style colour for normal price . 50 is possible with up charge. Note Specific Fabrics Might Require Higher MOQs. 

Blanks from Wholesale Section have no MOQS.

Samples from Sample Section Have no MOQS. 

MOQ is including all sizes. Example ( 100 red tshirts, 20S, 20,L, etc. ) 

Accessories are sold by packages, and MOQs apply. Please enquire for precise info. 

Note: For catalogue items that are not listed for sale on either sample or wholesale, the production MOQ of 50-100 pcs Style colour Applies. 

For Quoting Please provide us with a tech pack or equivalent files. Also needed quantity info of how many pcs you wish to order.

Note! Please be as precise as possible. Without exact info ASBX is unable to quote your project. 

Yes we are a Manufacturing Company and Produce items fully custom to client colours and specs. Please Enquire for More information.

ASBX Blanks are a selection of trend inspired streetwear products we have pre developed for our costumers. This can be made with a wide range of applications and accessories. 

A custom order is a product made entirely according to a client tech pack. 

Note that for bulk production, even If an item is based on our ASBX Blank, it will have to be produced per order basis, as we don’t hold bulk stocks. 

We currently ship to over 100 countries in all of the Worlds Regions, North America, Europe, Africa, LATAM , Middle East and Asia. Note,  we are not be able to deliver to sanctioned countries. For remote and exotic countries, different freight solutions and shipping rates might apply. Please Enquire if you have questions. 

ASBX is a manufacturer and exporter of jersey based Garments: Hoodies, tshirts, joggers, trackshorts, crewnecks, etc.

Note we do not make woven garments, denim or atelier grade pieces , ie: High fashion. 

Yes. ASBX is a manufacturing and Export Company. We develop, produce and export clothing items and provide a wide range of logistics services. We do not provide agency services or charge commissions. 

Some Operations are made by our teams and we also work with a large and vetted networks of partners that supply our factory. 

We are one on the largest exporters in Portugal for the startup / small brand niche market. Having worked with over 4000 Indivitual clients and exported to over 100 countries worldwide. We work with all types of order volumes, from samples to large bulk orders.

Most of what we do is for new / small brands but we also have other type of costumers. 

Lead time can vary on quantities, project specs, and overall client production experience, but below the

Average dates:

Stock Samples ( in stock ) – 1-5 days

Blanks Bulk Order: 3-4 weeks

Custom Bulk order: 6-7 weeks

The lead time are merely indicative and subject to many conditons.

On Custom Bulk Orders timeline is NOT Guaranteed. 

Always consult with ASBX before placing any order.

Of course! Our catalogue Products are available online at the catalogue page / ASBX Store site, it’s free to access just register the email address.

Please Note items MOQ and conditions can vary. 

Yes , ASBX Uses the most advanced printing techniques, such as DTG, DTF, Puff Print , Among Others. Also do all type of embroideries. 

ASBX uses high end jersye materials, same as any top streetwear brands, you can consult more info at https://asbx.pt /our-factory/


Our most comon Materials are 100% cotton 250 GSM and 320 GSM for Tshirt and 465 And 500 GSM for Hoodies.

Sample Store Items are sent with Courier Carriers, such as DHL or UPS. Expected time is 1-3 days Within EEA, 1-5 days within USA and Canada. Destinations Outside this generally take also less than a week, but always check with us before order. Also on remote areas other timelines may apply. 

In general, samples are exempted from taxes in most countries. However bulk shipments may be subject to import fees and VAT in countries outside the E.U. All import costs are the importers responsibility and we advise looking for professional advise in your country of import.

ASBX does textile acessories, such as labels, hangtags, wash tags. We also provide recycled plastic bags. However for more specific packing solutions might be recomenedable to find a 3rd party packing company. Please contact with your enquiry and we will Be happy to help.

 Please Enquire with your project specs for more info. For fully custom Samples we might require a bulk confirmed. 

Yes, we are a clothing manufacturer and produce custom items from client tech pack. Please enquire for more info. 

For Samples we recommend checking our ASBX store, were we hold a curated samples section. You can order them blank Or with your applications, such as print or embroidery.


Note that for fully custom samples from client tech pack, might be required order confirmation.

ASBX has a dedicated team to the management and processing of exports. We use following carriers:

Samples and small packages ( Below 100 kgs ) – DHL Express, UPS & Courrier solutions.

Large Bulk orders – Air Freight, Dedicated Trucks, Boat Shipments

Yes tech packs are a requirement for custom orders. If needed can make those for costumers. Its possible to order the service

A Tech Pack is a file for custom Orders. is a blueprint of the garment to be made that costumers send to factories for manufacturing uses. 

Shipping Prices are calculated ONLY before freight due to price fluctuations. ASBX does not accept client pick up of orders and all shipping must be provided by ASBX Logistics.

No! We work with all types of clients from all countries. There are no restrictions on this.

ASBX as a result of big web exposure. Weeks we had millions of online views also comes with drawbacks. We had during 2023 safety issues at our facilities and faced difficult situations. As a result of this our addresses are now private to ensure the safety of our teams.

Yes, we provide industrial tourism services. This will be available for ordering during 2024. 

By our teams being available to Meet is an opportunity cost, they could be working on orders or selling online so is a time we have to specially dedicate to visits. If we had 10 contacts a month would be easy to meet everyone but there are weeks we receive over 1k messages and new contacts so would be impossible to accept visits for all who ask. 

By the tours being a service we can provide a better experience to costumers coming. We had to create this policy as before a lot of people were coming unprepared and just to check instead of wanting to place orders. This way we can filter and ensure visits are only for serious buyers. 

Of course! We mostly only work with organic and recycled fabrics, also we don’t work a lot of with polyester and synthetic materials. Besides that we minimise waste at sample stores by ensuring on demand model. in regards to printing we use the best inks and try to reduce waste to minimum. We also provide certified fabrics. 

For Custom Samples, the following files are a requirement, in order for us to execute in the highest quality. 

+ Tech Pack / or Equivalent Layout 

+ Placements and Applications Dimensions in CM.

+ High Quality Artworks in Design Format.

+ All files and placements must be in Comply with our ASBX Printing Manual.

Note: Without Proper Files we are unable to execute the samples. 

Our Shipments are sent from Vila Nova de Gaia or Barcelos, Portugal. 

Our Payment terms for 2024 are as follow:

Samples: On order

Blanks: On Order

Custom Orders: TBC on value and client risk profile. Please submit files for analysis.

We accept Payments via following ways: Bank Transfer, Credit Cards ( Via Stripe ), and Cash ( Eur and USD ). 

We do not with PayPal, crypto or any other methods than the listed above. 

Our Company has teams with over 30 year textile experience and plays a vital role as a creator of economic growth for many other small businesses that supply us daily. We are part of a group with other businesses such as E-commerce, Software Development and Manufacturing. 

Yes, our Teams earn considerably above market rates. We also have several incentive and bonuses systems in place to ensure a motivated workspace. 

Yes, if we have in our network we can happily provide the introduction. Note that introduction Fees might Apply. Also Note that the whole relationship will be managed directly between you and other factory and no service or commission will be provided and charged by us.

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