Introducing XLABS Productions – Sustainable & Recycled Portugal Clothing Manufacturer – Organic cotton manufacturer Portugal

In April 2022, ASBX Took a major new step towards our sustainability mission, by creating XLabs Productions – a Manufacturing Department solely focused on producing organic and recycled Portugal Clothing Manufacturing Products. The Full XLABS Production Site will be online later this year. 

A Mission, Towards our Greener Fashion Future. We hope this shift helps focusing on mission and increasing the sustainable products exposure. 

At ASBX and now at XLABS Productions we are committed to designing and marketing, echlogical, ethically made and human-friendly fashion products, which have the least harmful environmental impact as possible. 

During the creative and development processes, our research teams are focused on the following points with paramount intensity:
+ The raw materials resources – the impact of the yarns during the lifespan of the products, their recyclability and biodegradability criteria.
+ The production procedures – in order to achieve water, energy and economic efficiency, and how we can substantially chance this in order to increase the mission.
+ The usability and durability of our premium jersey fabrics. By being a streetwear maker, the main focus is adding a sustainability range to this.

ASBX is building a new future today, with the planet and people at the hear of our mission. 

How is XLABS Productions Special, at what are the biggest operation changes? 

Samplings and product range:

With this coming Change all our main samples are now available in organic only options, and our sample store will have a dedicated category focused on recycled and organic made fabrics. 

Separate Manufacturing Processes:

In the near future clients with be able to access the XLABS Productions site directly and enquire there about the sustainable products offering. ASBX will continue to comercialize sustainable products but XLABS Productions will be the new face of this product line. 

XLABS Productions is the Most Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer in Portugal using Organic and Recycled Fabrics.

State-of-the-Art Sustainable Fibres carefully researched by XLABS Productions:

The longevity and consciousness of the raw fabrics we utilize are of major substance to us.

To guarantee the brutal quality of our final products, we use, among other yarns, recycled artificial fibres and next generation biopolymers, and also organic fibres with ecological credentials, which are much much more sustainable.

On top of that, we use organic and recycled cotton as well as recycled and bio-based synthetics for our main streetwear lines.

We highlight the connection of cooperation and trust with our vendors of fibres and yarns that empowers us to set up a responsible offer of premium responsible jersey fabrics clothings.

Ultra Rigorous Environmental Care & Quality Management:

ASBX’s XLABS PRODUCTIONS unit teams work day by day with all the partners and clients to exceed our sustainable client’s needs and expectations.

Our jersey factory is committed to implementing clean energy and making substantial investments in alternative power.

At this moment 27% of the power comes from our ultra next generation solar panel system, which is a Swiss next generation technology, and we are moving towards a major increase in our own production and use of renewable energy.

ASBX follows the latest quality management and environmental practices, in accordance with all major international certifications. We also offer full transparency and all our costumers ara always invited to visit our facilities.

Integrated Making Process – the only 5.0 Manufacturer in Portugal Clothing Manufacturers Industry:

We are probably Portugals only 5.0 textile and clothing Manufacturer, as we ensure the whole produces, from yarn buying to retail export. Therefor we manage to ensure sustainability throughout the supply chain,  from knitting, dyeing and finishing, to quality control and sampling.

By avoiding transport between far away production units, we greatly reduce the ecological footprint of our sustainable superior products.