Streetwear Manufacturers Portugal. ASBX has shown an insane track record, being the paramount leader in streetwear making.

ASBX Portugal Clothing manufacturers! – For Streetwear!

ASBX are Clothing Manufacturers of HQ textiles in Portugal focusing on jersey and streetwear manufacturing.

We are Clothing manufacturers in Portugal of high-quality custom streetwear productions. We also have a B2B Blank line and a revolutionary sample store. ASBX is  specialised in the development and production of high-quality textile apparel

We Focus on: high-quality textiles and premium clothing manufacturing / supplying for startup brands. 

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers in Portugal of Streetwear

We use Sustainable and ethical practices throughout product development.

 We produce using the most sustainable techniques and are continuously adapting to the latest Market trends in order to provide our clients the best selection of products. ASBX is the only factory with a full blanks line made of recycled products. 

Our model gives brands the widest options and potentialities scale. All our offerings have in mind to correct old textile errors, and create the best possible costumer experience for a clothing production.

We are currently Portugal´s #1 Clothing manufacturer for supplying medium / high quality startups, working with over 3000 Brands in 55 countries worldwide.

How Can we help your brand? Streetwear Manufacturers Portugal

No Minimums? Yes! But only at ASBX!

ASBX is the only Factory in Portugal to embrace the online revolution, and therefor understands the need for no MOQ production. At our exclusive in Portugal B2B store you have access to the same product as luxury brands with zero MOQs! This can reduce the cost so you can start your brand in the easiest way! 

The fastest Sample Delivery Ever!

The most common complaint we heard from costumers’ previous experiences was how hard and delayed samples always here! So we changed this by creating the first ever sample store in Portugal! You can have access to over 100 styles! In stock for immediate export! 

We understand Startup Brands – Special Offers!

The reason for our massive success was to adapt and understand the needs of a new wave of costumers! So you can be sure is our daily mission to provide you the best solutions and services!