Finding Clothing manufactures for startups brands can be very challenging and time consuming.  

If it’s not the right manufacturer, then it’s not going to work out. Even if  you are recommended to a certain clothing factory even by a friend or person in your network doesn’t mean it’s going to work as when you reach them the situation or time of year might be different and they don’t have the time to assist you. 

Finding your Portugal Clothing Manufacturer is more of a focus game. And is very important to select a clothing manufacturer that is specialised in your type of client. 

Big factories that work with famous brands might always get your  attention first but those are exactly the ones you should avoid. Big Factory’s are totally optimised to serve big, structured brands, and they act more as product development arms of the brand. Such model might work well for endless volumes but would never for a Startup Brand. So, they will never give you priority on samples, and even worst they might not understand your communication or needs and assume you are familiar with complex textile processes. Most of the times a startup brand goes to a maker like this they end up leaving after one production and looking for a more startup friendly company.  

That’s why always recommend you look for a manufacturer that’s specialised on your scope of work and is familiar with your knowledge and besides just helping you make you product, perfectly understands your needs. The ideal maker would still work with larger programs but is very  important they understand you as a client and take the time to explain the process.  

Having found ASBX – Portugal Clothing Manufacturers was very important  for our streetwear line as they were very helpful throughout the process and allowed our brand to grow to the next level. We found ASBX as a recommendation by a friend of ours that’s also a brand owner, this company understood our vision and the product. Besides that, they  produce in a sustainable and ethical factory in the North of Portugal where  the highest quality is strictly produced in a very sustainable way. ASBX is one of Portugals most sustainable factories.  

Article by John Stuart, Brand Owner